Listed below are our key corporate values. These are the things we strive for. We look to hire people who we believe can contribute to our team, above and beyond their technical or marketing prowess. We look for people who can relate to these values and want to participate in the things that make STS a great place to work and build their career.

  • Our clients are at the center of everything we do - our clients are the ONLY reason we are in business. We will go to extreme lengths to ensure that our clients are extremely happy with the work we do for them.
  • Our employees are just like everyone else! They care about their health, their family and their friends. They want a career that is challenging and rewarding. They want to work for a company that treats them with respect and provides them with an environment where they can utilize their skills and maximize their potential. They want to be recognized and rewarded for their success.
  • STS will endeavor to provide structure and an environment consistent with our employees' needs. In doing so, we believe we can attract the best people in the industry and we will grow based on the talents, strengths and loyalty of our employees.
  • STS will ultimately allow all its employees to share in the success of the business through profit sharing each year.