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PUB+ is a comprehensive & integrated Inventory Management Software & Business Management Software covering Invoicing, Inventory, Financial Accounting, Royalty, Branch Management Modules for the Book Trade. PUB+ software for Book Trade works for Publishers / Distributors / Booksellers / Bookshops / Retailers / Library Suppliers / Exporters / Importers. PUB+ is available on Cloud version and Desktop version. 


  • Integrated Modules
  • Specific to the Book Trade
  • Advanced : Advanced & Latest Technology
  • Trusted : Being used by more than 900 Publishers / Distributors in 9 countries.
  • Flexible : adopts to customer needs
  • Scalable : Modular, Basic Modules for small business and advanced modules for multi-location operations
  • Simple UI, Easy to understand & get started
  • Easy & Quick implementation



PUB+(R) on Cloud is a Secure Browser based software which helps you in managing business operations of a Book Publisher / Distributor / BookShop e.g. Orders, Invoicing, Inventory, Accounting, Royalty, Pre-Production & Reporting modules in an efficient manner. As it is a Multi-Branch online software for book trade, all the Branches can be seemlessly integrated without any need of running any process, and all the information is available in single click. 

PUB+® Book Trade specific software has advanced features like User Rights Control - Rights of any user for any document can be assigned for View / Add / Edit / Delete. For example - a user named ATEM can add the INVOICE, but only his supervisor can Delete or Edit the Invoice, so on and so forth for each and every option of the software.

You can CONTROL your business by defining CREDIT Limits of the Customers, system will not allow any user to do billing beyond a customer's credit limit at any branch.

Be Informed : PUB+® has a unique feature to send Business Summary Email with one click. So ask your branches to send daily business summary by clicking that Button, so that you get the information about today's work at branches daily.

Stop Pilferage : PUB+® has features to print GATE Pass with every ISSUE Document, so you instruct your Gatekeeper to check the quantity of the books being taken out from the Gate Pass and keep the Gate Pass with him.

Efficiency using Technology : Send Invoice Email with one click, send statement or payment reminders to all customers using EMAIL with one click. Send Invoices / Statement on Whatsapp. 

Grow your Business : Send promotional emails to all your customers / prospective customers with one click. Send New title information, create a list of persons who are interested in specific subject, send emails to these customers whenever a new title of that subject arrives. All using PUB+® Inventory Management Software for Bookshops.

Control Inventory : Create Purchase Orders, Receive Customer Orders, set critical levels, Create Issue/ Returns for each and every transaction.

For BookShops : Special retail features like Loyalty points, multiple payment modes, inventory levels management, cash counter management are also available in our PUB+ Software for Bookshops. Software allows you to create cash memos for taxable item e.g. stationery and non-taxable items in the same bill. 

Manage Salesmen : Know which salesmen is performing vis-à-vis Sales / Returns and Receipts. 

Automate your Business Functions & Enhance Efficiency : Consignment Sales (or Approval Memo Management system), Invoicing (including Returns), Purchases (including returns), Customer / Supplier Management, Title Masters, Customer / Supplier Orders, Financial Accounting, Customer / Supplier Ledgers, Inventory & Management Information Systems.

Know you Profits : Using PUB+®, you can find out your profit for each and every transaction, or each and every customer, and also find out which Publishers are giving you more profits.

Understand & Analyze your Business : Get Basic & Advanced Business Management Reports from PUB+® Software - like Ageing Analysis (Customer / Supplier), Stock Ageing Analysis, Stock Valuation, Sales Analysis, Expense Analysis, Pending Orders, Comparative Reports, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet & many more.

Get into DETAIL : Drill down to the last transaction level from many reports

Apply Workflow : Using PUB+® you can apply workflow based approach in your organization for all the transactions. (approval of documents by seniors before finalization).

Be Secure & Sure : with the Robust and secure SQL Server database.

Increase Productivity : of your team members, as PUB+® has many small and big features to help finish the work faster.

Use Trade Specific features : Like Publisher wise reporting, Multi-Subject, Multi-Currency, Turnover Discounts Debit/Credit Notes, Rate Difference Debit / Credit Notes, Royalties, Pre-Production, Paper Stock, Publisher wise Discounts etc.

PUB+™ is a comprehensive and integrated Business Management Software for Publishers / Distributors (Book Trade) created by Spring Time Software under the expert guidance of industry people. PUB+™ has been evolving as a software product for over a period of 18 Years and its latest version is a fully Web Based System, it was re-written in latest technologies in 2016 and was launched in 2017. Since than, it has been re-implemented and appreciated by many Publishers & Distributors. Currently it is being used at more than 800 installations in 9 Countries.

PUB+(R) : Inventory, Invoicing, Financial Accounting & Royalty Management Software for Book Trade covers all the important operational aspects of the Book Trade in a seamlessly integrated environment. It assists you at each and every item/transaction level as well at global level. It works on SINGLE entry mechanism, where an entry has to be entered only once to reflect in all the places.

PUB+(R) software uses very simple and efficient user interface to help manage Invoicing & Inventory needs of Book Trade - be it Publisher / Distributor / Book Seller / Importer / Library Supplier or Exporters. Inventory Management for Book Trade is very complex issue because of peculiar needs like Approval Memos / Delivery Notes / Complimentery Copies / Printer / Binder Deliveries / valuations. PUB+™ software for Publishers / Distirbutors helps the users to record all the transactions at the proper place and check reports thereof.  

PUB+(R) has been designed and developed with a mindset of giving specific controls and powers to the Top management. At the same time it is user friendly for all users. With continous and reglar feature enhancements and version upgrade releases based on users feedback, PUB+ continues to enjoy the trust of its ever growing customer base. 

Following Modules are available in PUB+ : Business Management Software for Book Trade. Each module covers a specific section / department for the book trade and  Publishers / Distributor can choose to implement selective modules to implement. 

  • Masters & Cataloging
  • Inventory
  • Pre-Production
  • Salesman Visit Management
  • Subscription
  • Financial Accounting
  • Royalty
  • Order Management
  • Management Information System
  • Invoicing
Masters & Cataloguing
  • Comprehensive Book Search/List-Title/Publisher/Subject/Author & Others
  • Bar Code Printing Support and Bar Code scanner compatible (10/13 digit ISBN)
  • Multi Subject/Author
  • ONIX Format Export/Import
  • Import/Update Title Data from EXCEL
  • Email/SMS New Titles info
  • App. Memo Issue /Recd. /Return
  • Delivery Challan Issue /Received
  • Damage Books
  • Complimentary copies
  • Inter-Branch /Warehouse Transfer
  • Pending Approval-by Party/Title/Publisher
  • Stock taking & auto adjustment
  • Stock valuation with Ageing
  • Paper Stock management
  • Binder /Laminator /Printer orders & stock management
  • Book Costing
Salesman Visit Management
  • Salesman Visit Planning
  • Salesman Daily visit Entry
  • Visit/ Follow-up Registers
  • Import visits from Excel
  • Subscription Order with separate Shipping / Billing address
  • Proforma Invoice/ Receipts
  • Subscription Register
  • Renewal Remainders/Dispatch Labels 
Financial Accounting
  • Ageing Analysis based on Due Dtae /Month
  • Send Payment Reminders by Email
  • Multi FY/Company Statements
  • Automatic/Manual Bill Marking
  • Day Books,Ledgers,Trial Balance, P&L,Balance Sheet
  • City/State/Zone wise Party Ledger
  • Print Cheques
  • Multi Author
  • Royalty Free quantity
  • Royalty After/ Before Discount
  • Royalty Statement
Order Management
  • Customer/Supplier Order
  • Create & Track AUTOMATIC/Manual PO from Sales Order
  • Create & Track Purchase Orders for Titles less than re-order level
  • Import Orders from EXCEL
  • Pending Order-by Title/Publisher/Customer/Supplier
  • Send reminders
Management Information System
  • DashBoard-with drill down reports
  • See invoices where discount is >x%
  • Business Summary Email
  • Profit on Sales by Title/Invoice/Date
  • Analyze Sales Data-by State /City /Publisher /Zone /Category /Title /Salesman /Customer /LY etc.
  • Salesman comm. based on Receipts
  • Sales / Purchases / Returns
  • Proforma Invoice / Quotation
  • Rate/ Discount/ Turnover Discount Difference Credit /Debit Note
  • Export/ Foreign Currency Invoice
  • Manual/ Auto Packing Slip
  • Check pilferage by issuing Gate Pass for each outward document
  • SMS alerts to customers on Billing
  • Create Quotations and then APPLY same terms for subsequent invoices
  • Print Titles in Regional Font (Hindi / Marathi etc.) in Invoice
  • Inform your customers about New Books / Pending Order in Invoice
  • Multiple discount structure
  • Bulk Title Billing
  • Trf. Estimate/App. Memo to Invoice
  • Block billing based on credit limits
  • Block issuing of credit notes if books have not been sold by you
Standard Features
  • Comprehensive Security System for Multi-User Environment
  • Export Reports to Excel / Word / PDF
  • Multi-Company / Language / Currency / Warehouse
  • Drill down to transaction level from various reports
  • Exception Reports for Management
  • Daily Business Summary Email
  • Workflow Management- Review & Approve documents
  • Audit Trail
  • Send New Year / any other Email / SMS to your customers & suppliers
  • Intelligent Alerts / Ticker
  • Comprehensive EDI Tools to increase overall book trade efficiency


PUB+ Software offers unique and comprehensive features specific to the needs of book trade. All the processes followed by a Publisher or Distributor are Automated step by step in the PUB+ Software. Some of the Key Features provided in the PUB+ Software which are useful for a publisher / distributor / bookseller to manage his Accounting / Invoicing / Inventory are : 
  • Setting up of Discount Structure as per needs of Book Trade

  • Complete handling of Approval Memo Management  including reminders 

  • Creation of Purchase Order from Customer Order 

  • Creation of Invoices from Estimates / Approval Memo / Delivery Notes 

  • Multi-Subject

  • Multi-Language (Print your Invoices in your Regional Language)

  • Multi-Currency (Not just Invoice but Statements / Vouchers also in Foreign Currency)

  • Bar-Code Compatible

  • Print Bar-Codes

  • Simple, Intuitive, common interface for easy learning 

  • Windows Like KeyBoard shortcuts for FAST working

  • Powerful Title Search Tool 

  • Multi-Fiscal Year reporting 

  • Close Fiscal Year with one click 

  • Profit on Sale - by Title / Publisher / Supplier 

  • Supplier wise Stock Statement 

  • Drill down Statement 

  • Export reports to Excel / PDF / other formats

  • Business Summary EMAIL to Management

  • Audit Trail 

  • Provision for 10 Digit & 13 Digit ISBN 

  • Multi-Branch Syncrhonization & Reporting

  • Trade Specific
  • Powerful-Multi Branch / Multi-Company
  • Feature Packed
  • Robust
  • Built on Latest Technologies
  • Stable
  • Fast & Efficient
  • Simple & Easy to Learn
  • Customizable
  • Scalable
  • Comprehensive & Integrated
  • Modular
  • Flexible
  • Covers BASIC and ADVANCED requirements