LibGuru® is a Flagship Library Management Software and services provided by our company Spring Time Software. We are a team of young and dynamic computer professionals with extensive experience in the development and implementation of database application software, in particular library application. We are in constant touch with our existing users and are also marketing LibGuru extensively. This helps us keep in touch with many library management software users, allowing us to upgrade the features and usefulness of our software for managing School / College Libraries. LibGuru Software covers all aspects of Library Automation..

  • Economically priced service
  • Stock taking time reduced to as low as 3 days for 10,000 books
  • Issue / Return time as low as 3-4 seconds
  • During peak times of the session short-cuts provided to reduce rush
  • Implementation time as low as 10 days for a library with 30,000 books
  • During searching of a book user can know the availability as well as the location of the book simultaneously.
  • A collection of around 35-40 different kind of reports
  • Accessioning of multiple copies through a single button.

LibGuru® is a Library Management Software, aimed at automating everyday operations of an academic as well as a media library.

LibGuru® covers the below listed aspects of a functional library.

  • Circulation
  • Acquisition
  • Cataloguing
  • Serials
  • Reports
  • Tools
  • Help

LibGuru® Provide For

  • Media / Corporate Libraries
  • Management Institutes
  • Medical Colleges
  • Engineering Colleges
  • Degree Colleges
  • B.Ed. Colleges
  • Hotel Management Institutes
LibGuru covers the below listed aspects of a functional library:
  • Issue / Return / Renewal
  • Membership records / members records printing
  • Reservation / Cancel reservation
  • Intra library loans
  • Stock Verification
  • Fine Option
  • Reminders / Recall letters / Warning letters / Membership suspension of defaulters
  • Statistical reports on membership / issue / returns
  • Browsing of all the items catalogued along with their present status
  • Transactions of the day
  • Requisition of books by user / staff
  • Approval of books
  • Generation of purchase orders
  • Receipt of consignments / payment vouchers
  • Acquisition of books through gifts / donations
  • Maintains supplier database
  • Budget / Expenditure analysis
  • Browse and track order list
  • Related reports
  • The accessioning is done once the book has been entered in the library either through purchase or gifts/donations.
  • Accessioning of multiple copies of the same title with a single button.
  • Keywords, Synonyms, Abstract, Call No. Index etc can be assigned using this module.
  • The catalogue for serials / periodicals can be developed using this module.
  • Non-book items have been dealt with separately, the catalogues of which can also be developed using this module.
  • Maintains database of the recommended serials
  • Maintains database of suppliers / agents
  • Approval requests of serials / journals can be initiated using this module
  • Purchase orders for new subscriptions / renewals can also be developed
  • The circulation of latest / old issues is kept record of using this module
  • The binding of old issues is also taken care of using this module.
  • Beginners Search (Title / Author / Subject / Classification)
  • Advanced Search (Keyword / Synonym / Boolean / Combinational / Misc
  • Multilingual Search
  • Option to keep OPAC module separate at a LAN terminal.
Features of LibGuru:
  • Multi-user and Multi-lingual
  • Front-end is using Visual Basic and the back-end can be using MS-Access or SQL Server.
  • Compatible with latest RFID technology.
  • Compatible with Bar-code technology.
  • Completely Graphical User Interface.
  • Single data entry approach, ensuring minimum of effort.
  • Robust interface with Microsoft Office components like Word, Excel etc.
  • Communication through e-mail etc.
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Installation of the software
  • Data entry of books along with editing
  • Data entry of records and staff records
  • Photograph scanning of members
  • Data entry of withdrawal register
  • Training to the user staff
  • Customization of the software as per individual needs
  • Technical support
  • Upgraded versions of the software