Chander Shekhar
Founder & CEO

Chander Shekhar leads the STS Digital team. Chander Shekhar has over seventeen years of software industry experience and has led many key software projects at various organizations.

CS is responsible for setting up the business and marketing strategies,

business development and client relationship management. He possesses strong leadership skills exemplified through his experience in International Business and Offshoring IT Services.

Rahul Kaushik

Rahul is responsible for quality professional services and projects deliveries . He has over 10 years of operational experience in the IT industry. He comes with broad IT project experience in the publishers, distributors, library, banking,

retail management and manufacturing domains encompassing various technologies. He has strong SDLC background and excellent flair for creating the high level view from details.

He has been a champion and pioneer in the field of eLearning, education and training including software development and implementation. Under his leadership and guidance, the Application Development Business has transformed into a mature business unit with a high profile and global customer base. He is actively involved in drafting guidelines for developing IT policies, standards, data management and system life-cycle management.

Sunil Dhingra

Sunil with his leadership helps manage growth at STS. His responsibilities range from setting overall corporate strategy and building the company’s New Business ventures. Sunil is currently serving as Marketing Director of STS and is heading sales and new

business development out of India. Sunil’s responsibilities include setting long-term goals, working with senior team to define business unit goals and the execution and monitoring of such goals.  Sunil also provides oversight over Finance and Marketing within STS.

Since inception, Sunil has guided STS’s development from a two-person operation into an exciting, dynamic and powerful force amongst the Internet solution companies.

Rajender Singh

Rajender  with his leadership helps to manage the workflow of the projects at STS. His responsibilities range from setting overall project  strategy and building the good software product for the company. He coordinate with clients for understand their

requirements. Rajender is currently serving as DBA of STS and is heading project databases and Query handling. Rajender’s responsibilities include setting project goals, working with the team to define the workflow of the project and the deadline for each sub-module of the project and understand the strength and weakness of the team members and assign the work to them, respectively

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