Project Life Cycle


During the discovery phase we gain a conceptual understanding of the core business goals that we must accomplish. This includes understanding your current business process, identifying areas of need, matching technology with those needs, assessing risk, defining functional requirements, defining technical architecture, and performing in-depth technical requirements analysis.


Utilizing the deliverables produced during the Discovery Phase, the design phase maps out a detailed design that will act as the blueprint for the development phase of the project. Each component of the system will be modeled, designed, and prototyped.


The development phase is where all of the hard work of Design and Discovery pays off. During development, the website or custom software application comes to life and begins to take shape very rapidly. Due to the effort put in to the previous phases, very few questions remain during development and users are involved closely.


Quality assurance describes the process of enforcing quality control standards and working to improve the processes that are used in producing the custom application and its components, infrastructure and content. When quality assurance is well implemented, an application should see progressive improvement in terms of both lessening rate of defects and general increase in usability and performance.

Our expert technical and business consultants are here to ensure trouble-free implementation and assure that our clients get the most out of their application. We also provide ongoing technical support and onsite training as necessary to ensure trouble free operation.


The deployment phase includes configuration of dedicated hardware, software setup, establishment of hosting requirements, performance tuning, final end-user documentation, Go Live, and knowledge transfer.


Following the completion of the project & Go Live, to provide you with assistance for the software developed, we offer technical support under various support contract options.

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